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Wishlist Wednesday: Valentines Edition

12th February 2018

Hey gals & guys. So this week I’m rounding up my valentines picks for the whole family. I honestly love Valentines Day and refuse to call it a Hallmark holiday. Love truly makes the world go round and it’s worth the celebration! My girls always get the cutest package from me and I love making them. I really hope you enjoy & have a very Happy Valentine’s!

  1. JUNK FOOD WOMEN’S BISOU TEE. Have you guys seen all the amazing Junk Food pieces at Target??? I mean, they are brilliant and beyond adorable. I truly want it all. I love this tee because its not red (red’s not my color lol) and how you can easily wear this year round! I can’t wait to pick it up & style it.
  2. JUNK FOOD CRAZY LITTLE THING. I picked this adorable tee for Rory and I’m in love! It fits her personality perfectly and I had to scoop it up. It’s only $10 too!
  3. SLIP SILK PILLOWCASE. I’ve been wanting to invest in a silk pillowcase for some time now. This one is the PERFECT gift. It’s anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, and anti bedhead! Uh-mazing! I’ve also heard soooo many amazing skin benefits which I could totally use since my skin still thinks it’s 13.
  4. HERBIVORE BOTANICALS COCONUT SOAK. This gift would be perfect for the woman in your life who needs a little extra pampering and loves a good bath. I’m truly trying to like a bath but it’s just finding the time that’s been difficult. I’ve never used a product like this, but with the air being so dry I really think my skin would love me for it. It’s full of anti-inflammatories and essential oils to help soothe the body and mind.
  5. NORDSTROM POCKET SQUARE FOR MEN. I love gifting cute accent pieces like this to my husband. I actually love me a good pocket square on a man. These come in over 20 prints and under $20. Best pop of color to finish the look for the special guy in your life.
  6. LOVE POP SOCKET: These are the perfect gift for everyone. I love how you can change these out for any occasion. And coming in at $9.99.
  7. YOURE MY PERSON COFFEE MUG. Coffee mugs are always an easy gift for any occasion, but this one is so stinking cute. It’s an easy way to tell the person in your life why you love them.

Of course cards,  candy and flowers are amazing and sure to please any Valentine 🙂 xoxo

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