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Hello Again

16th February 2017

We are back! I have wanted to start this for some time now and I can honestly say I’m very excited to be back! Since my life is centered around these two, it took a toll on the blog, but I’m beyond thrilled to be back! I started Lavishly in Love not knowing I was pregnant with Rory 🙂 and the pregnancy kicked my butt, which left me a little uninspired, but I’m so happy to get back to something that is so near and dear to me. I really wanted to jump in head first again and now with these two models of mine I have so much more kids fashion to add! I initially was going to keep the kids out of it, but they play such a huge role in my day to day and I felt like it made more sense to make them apart of Lavishly in Love. My husband will also make an appearance because he too loves the nicer things in life 🙂 I hope you all love what we have in store and here’s to exciting things ahead!






These two have totally stolen the show and I’m not mad about it one bit. Zooey is the best big sister I could have ever asked for. She loves Rory so much. I never thought I’d be the Mom who totally enjoyed matching my kids, but it turns out I am! Zooey thinks it’s the coolest thing (don’t know how much longer she’ll see it that way) and Rory has no say in the matter 🙂 Old Navy is hands down the best for my two girls. I can’t even with Zooeys shoes right now. Old Navy, take all my money and make my kids the cutest things I ever did see! The girls pants are giving me spring vibes like no other. And Rory is always accessorized by little poppy co headbands because they are the chicest and most affordable headbands out there! Links below! Be sure to follow Lavishly in Love for all the new and exciting things to come. xoxo

Zooeys Outfit: Jean Jacket x HM | Crochet Top | Floral Leggings | Pink Espadrilles |

Rorys Outfit: Cardigan | White top (similar here) | Floral Leggings | Pink sneakers |

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