5 Things to Know For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

11th July 2017

Hey guys, I have rounded up five key elements to getting the most out of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (catalog here). I am beyond giddy and lose way too much sleep leading up to Thursday and don’t actually sleep once the sale starts. This sale is like Christmas for me (I actually told my husband to not buy me a Christmas gift and just let me do my thing for the sale). Happy shopping and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  1. Become a card member to shop early access. I have been a Nordstrom card member for at least 8 or so years now and it’s the best. There are so many benefits and this one has to be one the most coveted ones. You also get a $20 note just for signing up right now to spend towards the sale!
  2. Make a list of preferred items. I tend to know exactly what I want, but almost always divert from my list. I look throuhg my closest and see what I’m lacking and then the list can commence. I am on the hunt for a great cardigan, booties, earrings, sneakers, shoes for the kids and hubby, and fall accessories.
  3. Shop early! I cannot emphasize this enough. All of the good stuff will go fast, it’s just the name of the game. If you like it, don’t hesitate to just buy it then and there even if you aren’t done shopping. There’s nothing I hate more than missing an item and then having major FOMO after.
  4. The hot ticket items are anything and everything Fall, but I think a lot of people miss out on home sales! I was just in store and got a sneak peak and if you are a marble or cooper lover like myself then make time to add plenty of those items to your cart.
  5. Keep shopping. I always find that they add new items when they open it up to the general public. I always buy more! I don’t keep everything I buy because lets be honest, not everything is going to fit like a glove.

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