1st December 2015

Hey everyone! So who would have guessed in my very first post that I was expecting!? We are thrilled and anxiously awaiting him/her, but I have been MIA these past few weeks because this pregnancy is kicking my butt. My first pregnancy was a breeze with the exception of being extremely tired and constantly getting headaches for only about the first trimester. And now this time around I am nauseous 24/7, hardly sleeping, and getting the worst migraines that lead to throwing up (sorry tmi). I just don’t feel like myself this time around and I’m counting down the days where I can go back to feeling as normal as possible again. Thankfully our daughter is very independent and she is a huge help around the house. The other night I felt extremely sick and dozed off before putting Zooey to bed and I woke up with the covers over me, the lights turned off, and her laying next to me. It was so sweet. I’m also not into any food these days. I’m usually forcing myself to eat or if something does sound good, it just makes me sick after. I’ve luckily still been able to workout and for that one hour I actually feel good.

On a very happier note, after a scary five weeks of uncertainty, the little bun is doing great and already very active. Our last sonogram we got to see the baby do a little flip and hear it’s very strong heartbeat. It was so heartwarming to see/hear. We go back in five weeks and I already can’t wait to see the baby again. I’m definitely showing way sooner this time around at 12 weeks and it’s making it harder to fit into my clothes. I got all of my holiday party outfits already out of the way for the growing bump and can’t wait till I pop fully so it stops looking like I ate one too many burritos (if only that were the case).

I have a lot of outfit ideas planned for the upcoming weeks, but they won’t be as consistent as they were until I feel better. I may post about some outfits once week or just tag the outfit I’m wearing on Instagram. I hope you all had a great thanksgiving with your friends or family!

xox, Jasmine

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