Goals for 2018

6th January 2018

Happy New Year! I truly do love a new year because of all the endless possibilities for new beginnings. Although it is bittersweet to have the holidays be over (I get very sad taking down all the Christmas decor).

So instead of making “resolutions” this year, I wanted to make goals instead. I feel like if I don’t fully commit to a resolution then I’m failing and I hate to fail. Therefore, by calling them goals, I don’t set myself up for failure (haha makes sense in my head at least).

I waited to do this post because I wanted to try and live this new way before I shared it. And after 5 days of committing to stick to them I am so happy to share them with you!

I’ve recently discovered new ways to simplify my life and practicing new ways of wellness. My goals for myself are realizing what makes my life less stressful, what makes me happy, and just being the best version of myself. I by nature am a control freak and stress monger, but I have learned to tackle the triggers very differently now. Some seem like no brainers and other’s I am absolutely kicking myself for not starting earlier. So here they are…

  • DISHES– My husband and I are TERRIBLE at cleaning dishes. Like, the worst. I rattled my brain to try and figure out a good system to not let them pile in the sink and it hit me, just clean as they go in and never go to bed with a dirty dish in the sink and optimally they would also be dried and put away. I swear that may seem very no brainer-ish but when you have a 1 year old whining every time you do dishes, it makes wanting to do them very hard. I am loving my new system and so far it’s melting the stress away too.
  • MY HAPPY PLANNER– I got this brand of planner last year but only recently discovered how amazing they really are. I got one as a gift from my mother in-law and then got the components to make my own as more of a wellness journal. I am beyond in love with writing in it and decorating it with all of the fun stickers, oh and definitely being more organized because of it. I now plan out my life one week at a time and I love it. From zooey’s gymnastics, doctor appointments, work, to what day and how much a bill needs to be paid. It’s truly effortless and very nice to have structure to my weeks. I use the mini planner for my day to day life and my medium planner for my wellness journal. My wellness journal is full of the things I am grateful for, affirmations, goals, daily thoughts, and happy moments in photos. I do it right before bed and literally feel like I just lifted the biggest weight off of myself.

  • PODCASTS– I only listen to them on monday, tuesday, and thursday because those are the days I work. I am obsessed with “Short Story Long” by Drama, “The Time Ferris Show” by Tim Ferris, TED Talks, and a new one I’m trying to like it “The Tribe Life.” I was very late to the party on these, but they have changed me for the better. I learn so much instead of listening to mindless music. And because I drive so much, it always keeps my brain going!

  • FITNESS– so this isn’t what you may expect, but I hit a huge plateau after I had rory in this aspect of my life. Working out used to be my go to for stress relief and my happy place. But recently I have felt the biggest disconnect from it. The studio I belong to no longer brings me joy and I drag my feet just to even go. After I had Rory, I took a few months off to try and see what I wanted to do for losing the baby weight. After trying BBG and running/walking I decided to go back, but found myself without a friend to go through the process with and not being happy in there once again. And I just recently realized that it no longer brings me joy and I need to find what does and dive into THAT fitness journey. I do not know what it is, but I feel very at ease walking away from this 5 year chapter in my life.

  • A Simplified Life– I am determined to simplify my life in any way possible. This one excites me so much. I discovered Emily Ley today and am so beyond happy that I did. She gives daily tips to simplify your life for FREE and they are all GAME CHANGERS. I did all 5 today and it’s a great daily reminder that makes a huge difference in your life. Go follow her on Instagram, you won’t regret it.

  • BE SPONTANEOUS– this one is hands down top priority. I don’t do enough for my kids or husband. I am the biggest homebody. In all honesty, I am so afraid of what could happen outside of my four walls that I would just rather stay home. I’ve really never told anyone that, but the thought of anything bad happening to me, my husband or kids scares me daily. I do understand that I can’t cut myself short and seclude myself or kids from this great big world. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing life.
  • THINKING BEFORE REACTING– I often find myself just saying whats on my mind without realizing how it may sound (ya know, its not what you say but how you say it concept). This one I am learning daily and it will probably take me months, maybe even years to accomplish and be decent at, but I am trying. Communication is key to any healthy relationship and I want people to feel like they matter to me and I want the same in return.
  • FOOD– so this is my last one, but I gave up my great paleo-ish diet when I got pregnant with Rory. I get very lazy with my diet during pregnancy and I hate that. I wish I could just be consistent and my gut wouldn’t be at war with me so much and maybe my skin/scalp psoriasis wouldn’t be so bad. I have committed to avoiding heavily processed foods to start with and eventually eliminate all processed foods. I am doing this because I am HIGHLY sensitive to dairy, soy, and refined sugars. My body literally rejects them and I pay the big price. I got scalp psoriasis when I was pregnant with Rory and I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. No medication worth trying worked and so I went to what I was putting in my body and realizing I may be feeding the psoriasis in some way. So I am avoiding trigger foods for a few months to see if there is any improvement before I start on a medication that suppresses my immune system.

I have a very ambitious and exciting year ahead, but I truly am excited to see where this lifestyle and outlook takes me as a friend, wife, mom, sister, and daughter.


xox, Jasmine

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