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Kids Shoe Sale from Nordstrom

10th November 2018

Good morning! Did this week feel like three months to anyone else??? Maybe because I left to work sunday and came home wednesday, but man oh man I am so happy its the weekend. So while I was in the bay area for work this week, I popped into a Nordstrom and had no intentions of buying so many shoes for the girls, but the fall sale was too good. The sale prices ranged from $20-$30 and I even bought bigger sizes since kids are always growing and I really wanted to take advantage of the sale! 

Zooey’s shoes:

So a little something to note about Zooey, is that she ask me if she can wear high heels like everyday. No joke. She obsesses over them and when I saw this pair I just knew she would love them! I really really hate the idea of kids in heels, but these seemed appropriate enough and to be honest, I just know how happy they will make her. I really love the sock detail in the ankle and how they aren’t too high at all. These boots will be perfect during the colder months and can easily be dressed up for all the holiday events. And now that I think about it, she has no idea how uncomfortable heels actually are haha and this should be interesting once she wear them for longer than 20 mins. 

When I saw these glitter Toms, I HAD TO HAVE THEM. They are going to be absolutely perfect for disneyland. I love how they lace up because Toms tend to run a little bit bigger. I also love how comfortable toms are in general. Zooey has never once complained about her Toms and my kid is usually complaining about something when it comes to shoes… she truly is the pickiest person on earth when it comes to shoes.

These sneakers were so cool, I had to have them for her. I’ve always wanted to buy Zooey these, but always hesitated for some reason. I actually grabbed them while I was checking out because I couldn’t stop thinking about them and how versatile they will be. They also look ultra comfy and so easy to throw on. 

Rorys Shoes:

When I was looking at all the shoes with tons of other moms, I felt like I just had to grab and then decide at the cash register. I grabbed these Converse first for Ro and fell in love with the floral bottom. I actually think they may be a hair too big for her at the moment because for some reason Converse run freakishly large. 

Okay so very similar to my shoe dilemma with Zooey and those ones I always wanted to buy, but never did, are the same for these Vans for Rory. I immediately LOVED them and hesitated to grab them, but I just know Rory will look so cute in this style. And I mean, they have unicorns on them… can’t get much cuter or cooler than that! Also Vans run sooooo large and they only had a 7 in store so I bought them in the bigger size for Spring. 

I love when Nordstrom has these sales because you can’t beat these designers at these prices! I got 5 pairs of shoes for $150! I can’t wait to show the kids, except Zooey’s not getting her heeled booties until Christmas morning 🙂

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