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10th November 2017

Hi guys 🙂 It’s been a busy last 3 weeks! We are still getting used to our new routine with Rory in daycare, me gone three days a week at work and Miguel traveling so much that it’s been rather hard to find time to be together. And now with the holidays coming up I just feel like life is so incredibly busy that even an hour of each others undivided attention is hard to come by. We are totally making it work though!

So since work has me on the road a lot, I have found a new love for podcasts. My current favorite is “Short Story Long” by drama. I first listened to his podcasts on the way to Disneyland back in September and have been hooked ever since. The reason I am sharing this new found obsession of mine is because of a particular podcast that totally changed the way I look at life now. Drama’s main goal is to educate people about mindfulness and how to just be better human beings. He featured a guy named Keven Stirdivant (episode #50 and #65) and his story was unreal and incredibly inspiring. Keven aka Kevion is a real estate agent who is also a life coach. I never used to believe in those sort of things because I was stuck in the mentality of “this is me and I’m never going to change, ” and man oh man has my perspective of that mentality changed. Keven implements mindfulness and preaches and lives by the seven equities. I found these notions completely bogus as of late. I never believed in affirmations or the ability to set goals and truly believe in them. I never ever thought highly of myself as a person and never felt worthy of anything. I felt like I was dealt certain cards in life and I have taught myself to be negative and unfortunately be incredibly pessimistic. I am so happy to say that has all changed.

That podcast changed me for the better. For the past two months I have said my affirmations, made goals for myself, my family, my job, my wealth, my body, my mind and soul. I truly believe that I am a great person, mother, wife, daughter, and sister. I value myself so much more than I ever thought possible. I can look at my future and feel hopeful for whats to come now. I accept compliments with ease and feel proud of my accomplishments big or small. In times of overwhelming anger or sadness I give myself a minute or two to just feel those raw emotions and then just move on. I can’t let those small instances make or break my day. I no longer live in self pity or wallow in sadness. Instead of living in self doubt, I now live with the most self confidence I’ve ever had, all because I’ve told myself “I am worthy, I am enough, and I am amazing!” I have found a new found appreciation for self love.

My husband has always had this amazing mentality, but the old bitter and pessimistic me, always told myself I could never be like that and I hate his positivity! I know that sounds crazy but I am a stubborn mule who was so stuck in this negative mindset for so long that I never thought there was a way out without a therapist. But I am here to share my story and tell everyone that your outlook on your life is entirely up to you and the life you envision for yourself is possible. I no longer choose to be angry at life. I actually take lifes challenges openly because I know that in the end, things will be okay. I feel so lucky to have found such an inspiring story from Keven and I’m forever grateful for him.

If you read this entire thing and know me, then I hope you are proud of my decision to live for me and be the best me. I am still learning mindfulness and everything that goes along with it, but I can honestly say that if you sets those goals for yourself and say those affirmations then your life will change exponentially.


Side note: I didn’t intend on this post being so long or to even touch on this topic. I had every intention of just giving you outfit details and a peep into my life currently. I just started writing and apparently my soul needed to express this amazing side of myself I never knew I had.


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