She Who Dares

3rd May 2017

A few days a week I make it a goal to get the kids out of the house and do something fun. Some days it’s to grab froyo or browse the aisles of target and other days its to the park or for a walk. My kids love being outside. Every time I open the front door Rory’s legs go crazy out of excitement, it’s so darn cute.

Today we decided on a walk at a local soccer complex. I’ve been trying to get in small workouts by incorporating lunges or squats and light jogging during our outing. Zooey loves to join and I love that I’m teaching her the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle! I find it absolutely adorable and she calls it “bootcamp” haha (For 4 years I’ve been apart of a local bootcamp that specializes in personalized training). There was a day last week where Zooey took her bike, but literally jumped off the moment she saw me doing lunges and joined in on the “fun.” I honestly love killing two birds with one stone. Being able to spend time with my kids and get in a workout in at the same time is mom goals. It’s also literally¬†the only part of the day where Rory isn’t crying so I thoroughly enjoy this time outside.

My typical stroller workout is 15 lunges, 15 jump squats, and 15 pulse squats. In-between those sets I will jog next to Zooey when she’s on her bike. I do this until my legs are shaking lol gotta make it count when trying to get my old body back! I also do single arm circles while pushing Rory, all while jammin’ to the Disney radio on iTunes music lol.

I’m pretty obsessed with graphic tees; especially ones with a powerful message. When I found these tanks at Old Navy, I just had to have them for Zooey and myself. The message on this shirt speaks volumes for us. I want to raise my girls to be strong independent women. I find it very important for the kids to love themselves and always believe in themselves. When I see Zooey struggle with reading or kicking a soccer ball, I always tell her to breathe and try again. Zooey’s defeat, lets me guide her to hope. Zooey’s joy, makes my heart smile. And Zooey’s courage, makes me proud to be her mama.

She who dares…. will conquer all.

xoxo, Jasmine

My outfit: Tank Top similar here | Bra | Zella Workout Pants | Nike Sneakers similar here

Zooeys: Tank Top | Pants | Sneakers

Rorys Stroller: Mutsy Evo Stroller (the best ever)

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