25th February 2017

Ladies, we’ve all been stuck finding a bra that satisfies our needs. As a mama of two, I find myself always struggling to find a bra that caters to my shape. I’ve nursed both of my girls, and oh boy did that take its toll! My friends and family are always recommending their favorites to me, but I just know it won’t work. Bras are definitely not one size fits all nor should they be! I hate the feeling of the band cutting in way too much or the straps constantly falling. Even during all that defeat, I knew there had to be answers to my bra-blems!

I had truly given up on ALL bras until ThirdLove. I never realized how important my undergarments were until I noticed how awfully fit all of my bras actually were! I started getting into a rut of only wearing sports bras or bralettes (neither of which are highly comfortable nor very supportive). I was so pleased and happily surprised by Third Love and their try it for free program. All you have to do is answer a few short questions, and viola, your dream bra is at your fingertips! I can’t wait to live in my 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra.  And whether you love your bra or you are on the hunt for your perfect fit, here are some tips for your everyday bra-blems! And don’t forget to use my coupon code BRABLEMSTL15FEB that will save you 15% until March 15th!

xox, Jasmine

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