11th January 2019

Hey dolls. I had so much fun at the Vici boutique in Walnut Creek yesterday! The store is absolutely gorgeous and the ladies were so helpful. Oh, and you can sip Rose while you shop! All. The. Yes. I reached out to the store after they announced on their Instagram that you can go into the store and do a try on session in the hopes of getting reposted. I loved this idea and it’s a fun way for me to interact with new people and it would totally stretch my engagement along with being free marketing for Vici. Ok, so I wish I would’ve snapped a pic of all the things lined up in my dressing room. It was absolutely hysterical. I couldn’t stop grabbing all the things and at one point I remember telling the girls, “please tell me when I have too much.” Haha I was just so excited. 

Now for the clothes… I mean the team at Vici just kills it. Like, how more amazing can they get? They offer everything. Whats great too is that if they don’t have your size in-store, they can order your size online and ship it straight to you! Here are all the looks I tried on.

It was so hard deciding what I wanted to buy… I seriously needed to have Marie Kondo in my head while picking LOL and kept asking myself, “does this bring me joy” haha. I bought the items that were functional and a special item that I felt like a million bucks in, which is my 30th birthday dress! I was just sooooo in love with it and the way I looked in it. 

I tried my best to link everything too! For reference I’m a size 27. I wear 4/6 and am 5’6″. This is what Vici reposted on their Instagram of what I tried on!

Here’s what I took home!

Haha, surprise! That green sequin dress is my birthday dress! I hope you guys enjoyed my try on! I’m going to be doing them once a week. I’ll feature different boutiques and major retailers as well. And if you bought any of the items I tried on at Vici please share them with me! 

xoxo, Jasmine

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