• Fall Fashion kids

    Kids Shoe Sale from Nordstrom

    Good morning! Did this week feel like three months to anyone else??? Maybe because I left to work sunday and came home wednesday, but man oh man I am so happy its the weekend.…

    10th November 2018
  • Lifestyle

    Teeth Whitening Review

    Hey everyone! So I’m pretty excited to share this post because it’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I’ve spent most of my life hating my teeth and smile. I was teased up…

    19th October 2018
  • Fall Fashion

    Francesca’s Friends and Family Sale!

    Hey! I wanted to share with you all this amazing sale from Francesca’s and some truly amazing pieces to transition from summer to fall. If you followed along on my Instagram story yesterday, then…

    2nd August 2018
  • Lifestyle

    Results of the “No Spend April”

    Hey guys, so as promised I am here with the results from my “No Spend April” challenge and I am soooooooo excited to share my results with you! First and foremost, this was not…

    30th April 2018
  • Lifestyle

    April: No spending frivolously

    Happy April everyone! I can’t tell you how excited I am for this blog post. I have always wanted to implement a new way to saving money, but I am taking it to another…

    2nd April 2018
  • Fashion

    Wishlist Wednesday

    Hey guys! I have been eyeing so many amazing pieces lately (literally hitting refresh on one to see if it will come back in stock). But I wanted to share with you some new…

    24th January 2018
  • Lifestyle

    Goals for 2018

    Happy New Year! I truly do love a new year because of all the endless possibilities for new beginnings. Although it is bittersweet to have the holidays be over (I get very sad taking…

    6th January 2018